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Poetry, Christian Nonfiction, Religion & Spirituality

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    13 June, 1963

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Lisa C. Miller is an inspirational writer. She and her family live in the beautiful state of Alaska

She writes through the whispered power of the Holy Spirit. She wants to write about the beauty and simplicity of life and reveal the beauty of Christ to the broken and lost souls of humanity. She has been given the ability to write simply and honestly from the heart so it is understandable. She believes writing is a language of the heart and is a beautiful way to share one's innermost feelings.

Lisa C. Miller is an author working under the Holy Spirit's daily direction. She focuses on the Holy Spirits daily direction for her life and writing. She has enjoyed a creative partnership with the Holy Spirit for many years.

She writes inspirational poetry and has published two books so far. She has been told by her readers that her writing reminds them of the Psalms of David. She is similar to Ruth Bell Graham and Helen Steiner Rice.


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